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  1. look i m a good fast medium bowler i cn do some cutters but in swinging the bowwl in both ways i always get comfused bcz every video has different techniques to bowl so tell me how to swing a cricket ball out and in.And reverse swing ass well.I m 11 years old but i can bowl at a high pace so give me the answer at youtube or at saad6nov2000 at yahoo.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Guys if you want to see some well edited cricket tutorials check out my channel, I am very knowledgeable and if you have a question I will answer it.:)

  3. I have a problem…but before that:
    I am a slow left arm spinner, and spinning is not a problem. I can also create some flgiht/drift, but my problem is that I can’t keep my arm straight when I release the ball – I sometimes chuck. And if I do keep it straight, my balls don’t spin as much and don’t have its same success as the ones bowled with a (litle) chucking. The bowling action is a problem – I can do a bowling action, but it reduces the success of my deliveries.
    Solutions? Reply to this.

  4. I’m 14 years old my bowling speed is not good and my line is good but my length is poor.Tell me some tips to increase the speed and pitching the balls in better lengths.

  5. hello guys em a guy who is an all bowler leg spin off spin all well as fast medium so cn u ppl gimme some tips can i um….lessay get some tips on how to catch a bowl and spin it i noe leg and off spin dats it!! i want to noe the doosra and google etc etc ….
    how to catch and turn is the thing i dont noe so pls hlp @TheCricketSchool pls help if u could inbox me in utub or send mssg on facebook ma id on facebook is Akshai Roxx THANX
    – a cricket learner p0ls HELp

  6. @corvette786 dude evn em fourteen pls teme too if u get any tips my run up is good ma friends say but the throw is nt soo good 🙁

  7. @corvette786 if u wanna add pace then i would suggest maybe light weights (dumbells) but dont be to worried pace will come when you get older and grow a few inches just concentrate on line and length

  8. Im a fast bowler aged 15, but i have some problems with my action. I tend to fall away just after my delivery position. Tips please

  9. Hi I’m an 11 year old girl and I’m a fast bowler but I am struggling when it comes to following through after my bowl. Have you got any tips for me?

  10. this is in bath isnt it right next to the sports hall i used to live here
    in 6 north parade buildings

  11. @corvette786 well drink ice cold milk when come from school and practise daily so you know the secret i m also trying and am 11 years old

  12. Also, how does one model his action as per a certain bowler [I have Brett Lee in mind]? What are the steps to take?

  13. Hey what about the Ian Pont’s Drop Step Front foot block?
    I am 16, and mediam fast and want to incorporate a Drop step in my action. How do I do that?
    Pls Reply.

  14. @TheCricketSchool

    I’d add that you shouldn’t bowl too early. You need to feel the “pull” across your chest the “power” position – like a taught bow”

    I see a lot of kids just whirl their arms around in the shoulder socket as fast as they can and not engage their upper body musculature at all.

  15. Hi, I’m 16 and I bowl medum and all the batsmen that I bowl to say I dont have any pace. I don’t try to bowl fast, just try to keep a good line and length and hit the seam as much as possible. I’ve modelled my action on Mcgrath but my coach tells me that I should’nt jump in towards it the wicket like Mcgrath does and go straight on. Apparently this will increase my bowling pace but I don’t think it’s worth trying since that bowling action comes naturally to me now. Do you think its worth a try?

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